13 August 2008

A Sea of Blue

Today we received a very special shipment in the mail from my aunt and uncle- a huge box of freshly picked blueberries.

Their son-in-law's parents own a blueberry farm in Washington, of which they kindly share some of their luscious berries with us.

These are the biggest, sweetest blueberries I've ever tasted and we anxiously look forward to their arrival every summer. We usually freeze them and then eat them throughout the winter.

I have fond memories of picking Alaskan blueberries with my family (which are much smaller and more tart) in the the valley below our house. It's fun to now watch my own children devour them by the handful, the same way that I used to. They treat them like dessert or candy, which I fully promote since they are full of wonderful anti-oxidants and vitamins.

Besides eating them, I thought they might be fun to photograph. (Of course!) I just couldn't help myself.

Any recipe suggestions? I tend to like my fruit unadulterated but I'm willing to try something new...

And that's not even all of them!

They are so pretty. Don't you agree?


gorillabuns said... [Reply to comment]

They are beautiful but DAMN! that is a lot of berries! They'd totally rot before I had a chance to freeze them.

Andrea said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness, I want to know where the farm is so I can go pick some or pick some up. They look delicious!

We've got one bush in our yard now and as soon as we make space I'll add two or three more. We love blueberries around here.

LVGurl said... [Reply to comment]

That is a lot of blueberries! I like the shot next to the spoon, definitely gives perspective on the size!

I have great memories of picking strawberries during the summer in Oregon with my mom and grammy. Well, rather... I walked behind them and picked the berries and ate them on the spot. I can still taste the warm, fresh strawberries!

flickrlovr said... [Reply to comment]

WOW! Blueberries upon blueberries. Dang. Good luck using them before they all turn on you. We just used some blueberries (and blackberries from our backyard) to make a super healthy, super easy fruit crisp-just mix the fruit with a few tablespoons of honey (or sugar) and top with oats! Bake it for awhile, and then scoop it out...with or without some vanilla ice cream. Deeeelicious!

You're a great photographer by the way...what camera do you use?

(Here from AllMediocre)!

Dr Zibbs said... [Reply to comment]

The first thing I was thinkg was, "Great photography" - then I realized that's what you do

Mrs. K said... [Reply to comment]

holy cow! that's a lot of berries!!!can't wait to see what you do with them! pies, jellies, sorbet?, what else?

minijonb said... [Reply to comment]

yum! i will be dreaming of blueberry pancakes all night!!!

Sizzle said... [Reply to comment]

Good lord! That's a whole lotta blueberries. YUM. I love them.

sheasy said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful photos! I am a big time blueberry muncher, too. I always imagine that I will make amazing bluebarry concoctions, but I always end up eating them by the handfuls.

steppingoverthejunk said... [Reply to comment]

OH MY GOSH! You are so lucky. We pick blueberries on this coast but probably not as good as Alaska. I cant believe how many they sent you! I am so jealous. Beautiful photos of them. My sister sends me outdoor clothing (Patagonia and stuff) from her store for pennies. I think I would like blueberries once in a while!

Angella said... [Reply to comment]

Sweet shots! And sweet blueberries. They are grown locally here too, and I LOVE to freeze them to nibble on in the winter.

(PS - Sorry I've been a bad friend. Life has been CRAZY.)

jora said... [Reply to comment]

If I were you (and I wish I was), I would make these recipes:

Blueberry and Nectarine Buckle (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/BLUEBERRY-AND-NECTARINE-BUCKLE-12352)

Blueberry Galette (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/BLUEBERRY-GALETTE-WITH-LEMON-ICE-CREAM-109658)

and of course, lots and lots of blueberry muffins....the kinds with nice crusty tops.

little miss mel said... [Reply to comment]

mmmm, looks delish!

Jason said... [Reply to comment]

Wow. Those are amazing. My mouth is watering. Great photographs.

180/360 said... [Reply to comment]

Gorillabuns, Flickrlovr- You have to freeze them right away. But it's pretty easy to throw them on to trays. They are SO good straight from the freezer.

Andrea- I'll see if I can find out the name of the farm. I wish blueberries would grow here.

LVGurl- Mmmm... I love strawberries.

Dr. Zibbs- Thanks!

Sheasy- That is usually what we end up doing too. They are perfect on their own.

Jora- Thanks! I'll have to try those recipes.

sassy said... [Reply to comment]

I can't believe all those blueberries ! Well, being in France, I guess I'd have to suggest what the locals might do, making some kind of blueberry liqueur...

Sara said... [Reply to comment]

What great looking berries, and what a talent you have for photographing them so well. And where did you get that cool spoon in the last shot? I love it!

Guilty Secret said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, I've never seen so many blueberries! I love them... in fact I was picking from a punnet in front of the computer just a few hours ago.

Isom Crew said... [Reply to comment]


Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said... [Reply to comment]

they are beautiful... yummmm yummy

Mrs. Mandy said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful berries! And no Pam in sight! It was great meeting you last weekend. I'm actually working for Denise and Cindie this week! Exciting. Let's keep in touch! xoxo

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