30 June 2008

Travelogue: Fairbanks, Alaska ~ June 2008


alphadaddy said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful Alaska. Even more charming that Northern Exposure makes it out to be.

So...what is on display at the "Ice Museum"? Reeealy old ice? :)

And those grow houses are incredible..they almost look alive.

Excellent photos, as usual.

gorillabuns said... [Reply to comment]

Quite beautiful photos. I feel like I was a tag-along during your trip.

Are the leaves in the photo really like a map? Do you have to worry about ticks in Alaska?

Thank you for sharing your trip.

Rebecca said... [Reply to comment]

Great photos. Even though I'm not that far away - the photo of the trail through the birches made me homesick. Anchorage doesn't have those very FAIRBANKS forests and walking trails. We're going up this week for a visit - I always think of you when we drive over Ballaine hill and there's your house on the right. (=

punchlinewalking said... [Reply to comment]

As usual, I'm in love with your photographs...but I'm also so touched by the story of your homecoming.

Jill - GlossyVeneer said... [Reply to comment]

Those are great, but the story along with them really makes the post!

jora said... [Reply to comment]

I feel so calm and refreshed just looking at your photos. Thank you!

LVGurl said... [Reply to comment]

What an innovative way to present your trip! I love it! The visuals (+ narrative) are perfect, you know I love looking at pictures.

(The last one is my favorite)

minijonb said... [Reply to comment]

wow! that Museum of the North looks awesome!

nice pix. looks like you had a great trip.

stepping over the junk said... [Reply to comment]

Oh wow. I think I need to go visit to paint all of this great Alaska "stuff"! Lovely!

Angella said... [Reply to comment]

I loved this, Kim! I felt totally taken in and connected to your photos.

The topography reminds me of Rupert as well. I remember the late summer nights...

Guilty Secret said... [Reply to comment]

You should have this made into a photobook as a memento!

Does it really not get dark? How do you sleep?

aligater said... [Reply to comment]

These photos made me incredibly homesick. I'm so sad not to be traveling to Fairbanks this summer. Beautiful post!

Jason said... [Reply to comment]

Breathtaking! These are astounding! You've made me want to go to Alaska, which is something I've never really wanted to do that much. Except on a cruise.

Laura@Storytellin' Mama said... [Reply to comment]

Going home is always such a psychological journey as well as physical!!

Beautiful story and photographs, Alaska must have been an amazing place to grow up!

Mrs. K said... [Reply to comment]

beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!!

Neil said... [Reply to comment]

Gorgeous, as expected. Wanting to hear more.

A Mom Two Boys said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! Gorgeous! Alaska is on my list of must visit places. Hubby wants to do a cruise, but I want to dig my feet into it and SEE it. He'll probably win. Sigh...

180/360 said... [Reply to comment]

I am pleased that everyone liked this format. I've spent most of my life recounting vacations which I know is boring unless you were there as a witness.

Alphadaddy- The Ice Museum is just a museum of carved ice. They have an artist who shows you how it is done and it all revolves around a huge show every March where competitor's from across the world compete to make the most amazing ice sculpture.

Gorillabuns- That was a real photo taken from my parents' backyard.

Rebecca- I took photos of your father's new building at UAF! Awesome!!!

GuiltySecret- No, it really does not get dark during the summer.

Aligater- I wish you had been there. It would've been great to see you!!

Jason- You should definitely go sometime. If you take a cruise- be sure to go off the beaten path as well!

Laura- It was!

AMom2Boys- See Jason's comment. :)

Maura said... [Reply to comment]

What a beautiful journey; thanks for sharing.

I'm visiting from AllMediocre and look forward to coming back soon!

Pumpkin Delight said... [Reply to comment]

These are beautiful. I am going in September and can not wait.

Whiskeymarie said... [Reply to comment]

Now I want to go to Alaska.
No time this year...

Fabulous photos. Really lovely.

Zoli said... [Reply to comment]

Amazing photos! Keep up the good work.

sheasy said... [Reply to comment]

Great photos and your commentary is really beautiful. I hope we get a second chance to recapture that childhood feeling - being cold is secondary to being alive and in the water.

Feener said... [Reply to comment]

amazing photos

Theresa said... [Reply to comment]

I've got chills and they're multiplying. Alaska is a powerful place, bringing people and creativity together.

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